The Oslo Principles

On 30 March 2015, a group of current and ex-judges, advocates and professors from across the globe released the Oslo Principles on Global Climate Change Obligations. The Oslo Principles seek to overcome the political impasse which has so far obstructed agreement on defining a common international approach to climate change. An excerpt from the Oslo Principles document:

“Avoiding severe global catastrophe is a moral and legal imperative. To the extent that human activity endangers the biosphere, particularly through the effects of human activity on the global climate, all States and enterprises have an immediate moral and legal duty to prevent the deleterious effects of climate change. While all people, individually and through all the varieties of associations that they form, share the moral duty to avert climate change, the critical legal responsibility rests with States and enterprises.”

Little imagination is needed to see how this relates to CapGlobalCarbon. Where the Oslo Principles addresses the responsibility for nation-states and companies the CapGlobalCarbon project provides a straightforward way to take this responsibility.  We are in contact with a number of authors from the Oslo Principles and will keep you updated on the developments of this promising development.


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