Your contributions to our campaign are very much appreciated. They will go towards promoting and implementing CapGlobalCarbon. Specifically, they will help with:

– outreach and informational materials including electronic and internet outreach
– travel and accommodation expenses during the Paris summit
– filming of the summit and civil society presentations
– filming of the mock trial in the UK in January

Donate via Feasta (PayPal)

feastalogoTo make a donation via Paypal, please click the button below. The funds will be transferred to the bank account of Feasta (the organisation which initiated CGC) and will be earmarked for CGC.

Donate via Plumfund

mike-birthday-fundThis is a crowdfunding page that Mike Sandler has set up to help fund CGC. To make a donation, please go here.

Donate by cheque or bank transfer

If you wish to donate by cheque or bank transfer please contact us at

Tax-deductible donations

If you’re in the US and wish to make a tax-deductible donation, you can donate through the Center for Climate Protection, a group Mike co-founded in Sonoma County, California. That donation will be tax-deductible. Please make sure you mention in honor of “Send Mike Sandler to Paris” in the notes section.

If you are in Ireland and are donating 250 euros or more, your donation will be eligible for tax relief if you donate via the Feasta/paypal link above.

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