6. Making It Happen

To get this project off the ground will require a critical mass of individuals and non-governmental organisations to initiate and develop this project on behalf of humanity as a whole including future generations. At this stage we offer these thoughts:

Human capacity is extraordinary

Humanity’s achievements have been phenomenal. Unfortunately, our progress has ignored the limitations of the Earth as well as the rest of life on Earth. Millions are aware of this. How can the deep and widely felt concerns shared by many individuals and organisations around the world to be translated into effective action to reverse current trends? How can we realise our potential, as the most aware, knowledgeable and capable species on Earth, to act responsibly?

 Systems change

If this particular problem is that the inter-national system is failing to cope with the global problem of climate change, and is failing to respond to the people, the remedy is to create a new system, designed to address climate change and enable the concerns of the people to be respected.

A new system alongside the existing

We cannot change the existing political system, CapGlobalCarbon is something we can together make happen. The trick is that it is initiated from outside the mainstream. The great advantage we have is that in designing and realising this project we are freed from the limitations imposed by having to work within the current political/economic system and the dominant value systems that underlie it.

Effective political action needs an institutional framework

CapGlobalCarbon illustrates the principle that for political will to grow and develop and be effective depends on institutional structures. As we build the Global Climate Commons Trust we will enable the necessary global movement to develop. Up to now we have been held back by lack of appropriate institutional frameworks; now we can create them.

Shared purpose, principles and values

  • Shared purpose. A project of this scale needs a shared purpose Here the purpose is clear: that of enabling humanity to achieve the necessary reductions of total global carbon emissions in time to avoid run-away climate change; and doing so in a way that benefits the poor.
  • Shared principles and values. A new global institution of this nature should be (and is most likely to be successful if it is) based on core values such as equality, respect, cooperation, participatory democracy with consensus building decision-making processes, active non-violence, transparency, accountability and the rule of law – everything clear and enforceable though the courts.
  • The project will reflect the principles stated in the Bolivian Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth.

Who will be the main players?

The current mainstream system is dominated by men. The new system is likely to be created and led by young people and especially women.


We have the tools to create a completely different world:

  • realtime communications technology
  • open-source – creations like linux and wikipedia illustrate the new possibilities of thousands of people contributing to create something new.

Last word

‘Never doubt that a group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world, indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has” – Margaret Mead

We can build the new in the womb of the old. We can build new institutional arrangements operating with new purpose and on new principles and working in new ways, within the global market economy and in cooperation with the nation-state and with civil society.

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