Active partners and endorsements

Realising and implementing CapGlobalCarbon will require the support and active participation of hundreds of groups of all sorts.
Would you or your organisation be willing to endorse or become an active partner?

An endorsement means that your organization is listed on our website as a supporter of CapGlobalCarbon. Being an active partner means you are  actively promoting CapGlobalCarbon and commits to finding at least one other person or organization that is willing to become an active partner as well.

Please fill in the form below if you would like to become an active partner or endorse CapGlobalCarbon:

Endorse CapGlobalCarbon or become an active partner



Active partners

Center for Climate Protection

Feasta Logo
Feasta: the Foundation for the Economics of Sustainability

Share the World’s Resources

walk for climate
Walk for Climate

WINACC: Winchester Action on Climate Change


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